Movement Prioritizing REcovery coaches you through the right movements, so you can get active and stay active


At MPR Med Exercise, SENIOR FITNESS PROGRAM, we know that seniors (55+) are looking for proven methods to increase their longevity while managing their health conditions.  So, we have created the Movement Prioritizing Recovery Program to help you safely develop the physical quality of your life in the comfort of your home, in easy 15-minute sessions.

MPR works on your cell phone, tablet or computer, meeting them at their current fitness level.  It was created specifically for seniors who are dealing with age-related conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, and loss of muscle.  Designed by a certified Medical Exercise Specialist with three decades of working with seniors to recover from health setbacks, it focuses on senior conditions such as lack of strength, stiffness, pain, and diminished balance.  It provides crystal clear demos with guided instructions not only on exercises, but also on hydration, healthy weight management, and portion control for a holistic health experience.


  • Have you completed physical therapy sessions and have no structured plan to continue exercising safely and effectively?
  • Do people treat you differently these days?
  • Are friends or family members quick to offer you a seat or to take whatever you may be carrying?
  • Have you had a joint replacement surgery?
  • Is your doctor telling you that if you do not start moving that certain medications will be necessary to get your health issues under control?

Maybe you’re just feeling too stiff to move and worry about hurting yourself.  ENOUGH wasting precious time that can never be replaced!

You deserve to push your cart of groceries through that parking lot and load your items into your vehicle without the bagger feeling obligated to ask, “Do you need help?”

You deserve to walk tall, without fear of slipping.  You deserve to hug your loved ones, without worrying about your shoulder.  You deserve to play with your grandchildren, without needing two days to recover afterwards.  You deserve to enjoy all the things you love and not be held back by aching joints or stiff muscles.

You deserve a path forward, without needing to spend hours designing the ideal plan for your own recovery and exercise.

Start getting what you deserve, TODAY!

On Your Schedule –
In Your Home –
Improve Your Life

You know you need to exercise, but what does that look like?

  • Spending hours at a gym?
  • Commuting to a class every other day?
  • Figuring it out on your own?
  • Purchasing Personal Training Packages hoping their “General Certifications” apply to your needs on their schedule?

No way. 

We believe that everyone deserves the safest exercise techniques to: 

  • Help prevent and alleviate pain from arthritis with Flexibility training
  • Increase bone strength and help prevent osteoporosis with Resistance training
  • Improve posture, stability, and coordination with Balancing movements

MPR Med Exercise SENIOR FITNESS PROGRAM shows you simple recovery strategies that go a long way in assisting individual body parts to work in conjunction with other body parts for a complete optimal system.

In just 15-minutes per session, you’ll be guided step-by-step through careful and specific movements that won’t inflame your arthritis, damage your joint replacements, or ruin your plans for the rest of the day.


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    You will receive a confirmation email from mprmedexercise.com. Open the message and simply follow the easy instructions to set up your account download the app
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  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Neuropathy 
  • Total Joint Replacement Surgery - Hips, Knees, Shoulders, and Ankles
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Sciatica 
  • Heart Disease
  • High Cholesterol
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Trigger Finger 

Improving Their:

  • Joint Mobility (Increase Range of Motion)
  • Flexibility (Increase Muscle Blood Flow, Circulation)
  • Posture
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Tension in Shoulders and Neck
  • Core Strength
  • Balance and coordination
  • Wearing of Joint Surfaces
  • Energy Levels
  • Lung Capacity (Breath Control) 
  • Circulation and Digestion

MPR Program

MPR Med Exercise SENIOR FITNESS PROGRAM is designed by Mike Rooney, a certified Medical Exercise Specialist with over three decades in the wellness and healthcare industry.  Mike’s certifications include Corrective Movement for Chronic Pain and Senior Exercise Specialist along with many others.

Mike founded and still maintains a personal training business with many clients of all ages and conditions, but it was seniors that gradually became his focus.  Mike saw first-hand the frustration and struggles of seniors recovering from health issues, not only through his personal training clients but also through his role as an account manager with leading pharmaceutical companies.

Listening to them about exercising, hearing the contradictory messages they were getting about nutrition and hydration, in addition to their disappointment on how their walking around the block a few times a week was not getting the results they wanted, Mike developed and tested a senior-friendly program named MPR Med Exercise/Movement Prioritizing Recovery.  Through several years of working with SENIORS, he began to see improvement in their strength, balance and chronic conditions.

MPR Med Exercise is a cell phone, tablet or computer-based SENIOR FITNESS PROGRAM that meets you at your current fitness level, and is easily accessible for seniors on their schedule, with time efficient exercising sessions (15 mins) that deliver health benefits for chronic conditions and joint replacements.  Movement Prioritizing Recovery includes balance and flexibility routines designed to improve coordination and strengthen ligaments and tendons that naturally loosen over the years.  You can expect resistance bands delivered to your doorstep, visual step-by-step coaching to eliminate any confusion, and healthy recovery strategies tailored to senior needs.  MPR factors in all aspects of aging gracefully, with an understanding of musculoskeletal issues, nutritional awareness, and quality of life strategies for a complete 55+ game plan.

Now you can experience the MPR Med Exercise system with our FREE One-Week Introductory Trial.  This trial delivers the foundational elements of the MPR Med Exercise Program. The video-sessions effectively demonstrate the value of how correctly performed movements are associated with everyday tasks, and when executed safely, protect your lower back, neck, shoulders, hips, and knees.

This FREE Trial will give you a preview of the improved strength, mobility, and balance techniques you can expect from the fully guided movement program of over fifty progressive exercise videos.  In addition, there are supplemental videos sessions on nutrition, sleep, portion control and healthy weight management. MPR Med Exercise stands for “Movement Prioritizing Recovery” because it values the importance of the body’s whole functionality.

You don’t need any equipment for the free trial sessions, and you don't need to enter your credit card. Simply grab a chair and bath towel and get started with your multiple video-sessions TODAY!

The only way to stay active…is to get active. Make a smart move and learn the right moves.

 When the FREE Trial inspires you to continue, purchase the MPR Med Exercise SENIOR FITNESS PROGRAM.  You will receive a complete kit of resistance bands.  Simply download the program on your mobile device and start your video-sessions.  You control your schedule. Use the program features to set reminders and alerts, get encouragement and ask questions.  

You begin at your current fitness level and safely progress.

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Choose Your First Step

You can’t rewind the clock, but you can take 15 minutes to press “Play” on your cell phone, tablet or computer and complete a session.  

No more stressing about the what, where, how, and when.  MPR Med Exercise SENIOR FITNESS PROGRAM is on your schedule,

in the comfort of any location with visual demonstrations and step-by-step coaching by your Medical Exercise Specialist

so you never question “Am I doing this right?”  MPR Med Exercise is available at your fingertips on your cell phone or tablet.

 The resistance bands are small and flexible and easily fit into a tote bag or suitcase while traveling.


Free Trial

  • An introduction to the key principles of MPR
  • One week's worth of the right movements 
  • No equipment needed
  • 100% FREE (No credit card required) 

MPR Med Exercise

Senior Program

  • MPR Med Exercise Multi-Resistance Bands Package
  • Progressive 15-minute Movement Sessions – standing or seated in a chair 
  • Weekly recovery strategies focused on Hydration, Healthy Weight Management, and Foot Health
  • Cognitive challenges and dedicated stretching sessions to support joint mobility 
  • Barefoot training promoting sensory stimulation and enhancing overall foot strength
  • Have any questions? Ask through our in-app messenger
  • Structured self-assessment process designed by MPR to help participants recognize their progress

You will begin to feel the benefits as your body responds to developing your strength, flexibility, and balance through its unique, progressive, sequential design using resistance bands. The MPR SENIOR FITNESS PROGRAM safely challenges all the body's muscles as they interact in an integrated system, effectively utilizing every minute to deliver blood flow to the tissue and the brain.

MPR Med Exercise has researched and designed to adhere to the latest scientific data regarding senior exercise.


Your Time is Now!
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  • The email will contain instructions to set up your account and download the MPR Med Exercise app to your cell phone or tablet
  • In less than 24 hours, you will have access to demonstrations in your app, all leading up to your first movement session
The MPR Med Exercise SENIOR FITNESS PROGRAM ensures the Power of Your Physical Independence because
Life is a Marathon not a Sprint.

Are you ready To Become Our Next Success Story?


"MPR is easily part of my lifestyle as it took me out of sedentary mode"

"Discovering MPR I felt skeptical but at 405 lbs I had to get honest with myself at 78 and with my health issues.  I am never joining a gym; I need an expert to coach me on performing exercises safely and correctly and I don’t want to purchase any equipment.  The resistance bands are included and delivered right to your door.  What really convinced me was that sessions were only 15 minutes and I never have to get on the floor to perform a movement.  I am a night owl so the ease of using the app on my schedule is a must.  I didn’t give any thought to what MPR stands for (Movement Prioritizing Recovery) but I would soon learn the value of the content presented in the categories of, healthy weight management, hydration, and sleep segments.

I have no cartilage in my left knee and very little left in my right knee.  I could do movements without exerting too much stress on them and I would skip anything that was creating discomfort as clearly advised by Mike.  MPR motivated me to stop procrastinating and make an appointment at the VA with an orthopedic surgeon where knee replacement surgery is my next step.

Describing what I was doing in the MPR to my ortho he supported the program and encouraged me to continue doing the exercises that I could while standing.  I continue to do all the upper body exercises, rotation, and highly important stretching.

I had no previous experience with resistance bands, and they are nothing like your physical therapy bands which I have endless colors in my closet.  I love how the rates of repetition are delivered in the program.  Beginning with five or ten repetitions, you feel it in a good way.  This allowed me to move forward overtime and I was able to increase my repetitions until I finally got up to a rate of 40 or 60, depending on what exercise I was trying to accomplish.  Sometimes, to get to 60 I would have to do them in three sets of 20 with a short break between, but I could get up to the number of 60.  That motivated me and if I can do this you can too.

As my orthopedic surgeon advised, even with my current knee limitations and awaiting my replacement, I have 15 minutes in my retired schedule to be active productively.

I have since gotten down to 340 lbs and at 6 feet 5 1/2 inches tall, my personal goal is to be around 250lbs . MPR is easily part of my lifestyle as it took me out of sedentary mode.  I clearly recommend MPR so don’t not waste any more time, it’s too precious."

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Larrie – 78, sedentary, heart issues, and arthritis in both knees and my lower back.


"MPR's videos and Mike make it very easy to follow along and mimic the correct exercises"

"After I was introduced to the MPR Program it was easy to sign up, I received the exercise bands to use and delivered to my door in a timely manner and started on my tutorials prior to them arriving.  The MPR Program is clear that it focuses on building strength, increasing flexibility and helping with your balance.  It certainly delivered on all three of these goals!

Easy to follow the program

MPR's videos and Mike make it very easy to follow along and mimic the correct exercises.

In the beginning of the program, Mike starts off appropriately slowly which enables you to follow the exercises so they are done correctly.  Using the bands allows you to stretch your muscles and increase your range and flexibility.  You will also need a chair or similar prop to help with some of the exercises as well.  Since the program starts off easy in the beginning it also allows you to build up your stamina and increase the resistance using different bands as you progress through the program.  At different stages of the program you will be asked to perform balance exercises which allows you to monitor your progress during the program.  This was very helpful and motivating as a participant.

Benefits of the program

The greatest benefit of the program for myself was the increase in flexibility and stretching.  The exercises focused on you and your beginning abilities at the start of the program.  You are only asked to do what your body is allowing you to do.   Through the program, I was able to see and feel the flexibility of my muscles increase.  This was especially true with the assisted squats and assisted lunges.  Along with other training I was doing at the time, I also saw an increase in my strength as well by incorporating Mike’s exercises into additional strength training exercises I was doing at the gym.  I also incorporated yoga that I was doing at the gym.

In summary, I would definitely recommend the MPR Program and Mike’s coaching style is fun, engaging and keeps you doing everything safely.  It is easy to follow and you will definitely see results.  The important thing is that it gets you off the couch and allows you a pace that is comfortable to you and your abilities."

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Bill - 67, Ankle Reconstruction



"NO EXCUSES for not taking MPR Med Exercises.  The lessons are short so there is no "I don't have time" excuse.  They are online so no problem with weather or what time you wish to exercise. 

Mike focuses on safety, so you are covered there.  And you couldn't find a more enthusiastic coach than Mike.  Following along with him makes it easy to keep the right form and get the most from each exercise.  

And I cannot say enough about the quality of the bands provided.  These are nothing like the wimpy ones I've used before.  

You can count on them so you can focus on you.  I thoroughly enjoy working with Mike and think you will too."

Barrie – 77 years old



"The (approximately) 15 minute MPR exercise sessions were a good length of time, allowing me to exercise almost every day, in contrast to longer programs that fall by the wayside when time is lacking.  They were an ideal afternoon pick-me-up that I was able to do in my office.  The MPR Program fills the time with everything you should have: a combination of boosting your heart rate, resistance training, balance exercises and stretching. Michael's prompts were also extremely helpful to make sure I was using the right technique.  He ‘caught’ me doing things the wrong way so often that I realize working with a professional trainer is critically important to gaining the most benefit.  The program was also easily adaptable to my fitness level; I just moved up a band as I gained strength."

Denise - 60-year-old female