MPR Senior Fitness Program

• MPR Med Exercise Multi-Resistance Bands Package

• Progressive 15-minute Movement Sessions – standing or seated in a chair

• Weekly recovery strategies focused on Hydration, Healthy Weight Management, and Foot Health tailored for 55+

• Cognitive challenges and dedicated stretching sessions to support joint mobility

• Barefoot training promoting sensory stimulation and enhancing overall foot strength

• Have any questions? Ask through our in-app messenger

• Structured self-assessment process designed by MPR to help participants recognize their progress

Movement Prioritizing Recovery Senior Fitness Program is designed with an understanding of musculoskeletal issues, nutritional awareness, and medications, providing you with a complete fitness game plan for life at 55 and beyond.

MPR Med Exercise Multi-Resistance Bands Package includes five bands of varying resistance, cushioned foam handles, door anchor, ankle strap, and carrying case. All products ship in “Certified Frustration-Free Packaging.”

Created by Mike Rooney, a Medical Exercise Specialist with over three decades in the wellness and healthcare industry, MPR Med Exercise Senior Fitness Program factors in all aspects of aging gracefully.  

The MPR Med Exercise Senior Fitness Program ensures the Power of Your Physical Independence because Life is a Marathon not a Sprint.


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