About Michael Rooney


In 2013, Mike’s father, at 63 years young and a US Veteran, underwent an ankle replacement surgery. This procedure is major, requiring significant recovery time and rehabilitation that takes anywhere from six months to a year. Upon release from physical therapy, lacking clear knowledge of safe movements to engage in, Mike’s father was very reluctant to proceed with any physical activities.

Despite living in two separate states, Mike did not let that stop him from establishing a fitness program for his father. This prompted Mike to create video-recorded workout sessions that he could send to his father weekly in a progressive series.

Mike’s primary goal was to develop a program that would build up his father’s physical self-confidence, allowing him to return to the hobbies he enjoys, such as live sporting events and golfing. The program was designed to reduce pain, improve strength, mobility, and range of motion.

Mike crafted step-by-step sessions for his father, utilizing resistance bands, recommended as one of the safest methods to increase bone strength and help prevent osteoporosis. Mike’s father increased his overall strength, mobility, and improved his balance. He regained his confidence, walking into sporting stadiums knowing he could manage his body in large crowds again. Ironically, this became the beginning stages of the MPR Senior Med Exercise Program and would also be the foundational system for when his father had a knee replacement in 2018.

Mike decided to pursue education to learn more about the science of the body and how to apply it successfully for health and strength.  He earned a BSc in Exercise Science and pursued separate studies to become a certified personal trainer, medical exercise specialist, and nutrition coach.  He has managed his own fitness and personal training center and led personal training departments at large corporate facilities. Gradually, Mike grew more interested in helping seniors recover from health setbacks.  The challenge of designing a safe and results-oriented program for clients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, joint stiffness, recent surgery, and joint replacement, motivated Mike to innovate a program especially for this age group. 

Over the years, Mike added nutrition, hydration, sleep management, and portion control to his program.  After years of testing his program with hundreds of clients confirming their results, he created the MPR Med Exercise Program SENIOR FITNESS PROGRAM.

Mike now offers MPR Med Exercise to a wider, global audience by video recording his exercise sessions and has added videos on flexibility, nutrition, and healthy habits.  This complete program covers everything seniors need to maximize health and well-being.


  • BSc, Exercise Science, University of Dayton, Dayton, OH
  • American College of Sports Medicine, Member Professional
  • American Council on Exercise (ACE), Certified Medical Exercise Specialist
  • Functional Aging Institute, Functional Aging Specialist 
  • ACE, Certified Corrective Movement for Chronic Pain Specialist
  • ACE, Certified Hip Stabilization for Pain-Free Movement Specialist
  • ACE, Certified Reduce Cognitive Decline with Physical Activity Specialist
  • Precision Nutrition, Certified Exercise Nutrition Coach
  • ACE, Certified Personal Trainer
  • ACE, Certified Senior Exercise Specialist
  • B-Strong, Certified Blood Flow Restriction Instructor
  • American Heart Association, CPR and AED

#Movement Prioritizing Recovery

About MPR Med Exercise

Our movement-based training program is designed to ensure improvements in your balance, flexibility, and strength.  After seeing loved ones dealing with the “wear and tear” of lives well-lived, the team behind MPR was disappointed at the lack of clear, science-based solutions.

By integrating decades of experience in the medical science field and endless medical research from institutions around the globe, Movement Prioritizing Recovery worked to create a comprehensive and joint-friendly program.

After recognizing results from the initial trial programs with people in our own community, we knew this program could transform countless lives if it was made easily accessible.  How did we make that happen? We developed an easy-to-use program utilizing transportable resistance bands that make it easy to exercise anywhere, anytime. Now everyone has the opportunity to start making the right moves and begin TODAY!