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    "MPR is easily part of my lifestyle as it took me out of sedentary mode"

    "Discovering MPR I felt skeptical but at 405 lbs I had to get honest with myself at 78 and with my health issues. I am never joining a gym; I need an expert to coach me on performing exercises safely and correctly and I don’t want to purchase any equipment. The resistance bands are included and delivered right to your door. What really convinced me was that sessions were only 15 minutes and I never have to get on the floor to perform a movement. I am a night owl so the ease of using the app on my schedule is a must. I didn’t give any thought to what MPR stands for (Movement Prioritizing Recovery) but I would soon learn the value of the content presented in the categories of; healthy weight management, hydration, and sleep segments.

    I have no cartilage in my left knee and very little left in my right knee. I could do movements without exerting too much stress on them and I would skip anything that was creating discomfort as clearly advised by Mike. MPR motivated me to stop procrastinating and make an appointment at the VA with an orthopedic surgeon where knee replacement surgery is my next step.

    Describing what I was doing in the MPR to my ortho he supported the program and encouraged me to continue doing the exercises that I could while sanding. I continue to do all the upper body exercises, rotation, and highly important stretching.

    I had no previous experience with resistance bands, and they are nothing like your physical therapy bands which I have endless colors in my closet. I love how the rates of repetition are delivered in the program. Beginning with five or ten repetitions, you feel it in a good way. This allowed me to move forward overtime and I was able to increase my repetitions until I finally got up to a rate of 40 or 60, depending on what exercise I was trying to accomplish. Sometimes, to get to 60 I would have to do them in three sets of 20 with a short break between, but I could get up to the number of 60. That motivated me and if I can do this you can too.

    As my orthopedic surgeon advised, even with my current knee limitations and awaiting my replacement, I have 15 minutes in my retired schedule to be active productively.

    I have since gotten down to 340 lbs and at 6 feet 5 1/2 inches tall, my personal goal is to be around 250lbs. MPR is easily part of my lifestyle as it took me out of sedentary mode. I clearly recommend MPR so don’t not waste any more time, it’s too precious."

    Larrie – 78, sedentary, heart issues, and arthritis in both knees and my lower back.



    "NO EXCUSES for not taking MPR Medical Exercises.  The lessons are short so there is no "I don't have time" excuse.  They are online so no problem with weather or what time you wish to exercise. 

    Mike focuses on safety, so you are covered there.  And you couldn't find a more enthusiastic coach than Mike.  Following along with him makes it easy to keep the right form and get the most from each exercise.  

    And I cannot say enough about the quality of the bands provided.  These are nothing like the wimpy ones I've used before.  

    You can count on them so you can focus on you.  I thoroughly enjoy working with Mike and think you will too."

    Barrie – 77 years old



    "The (approximately) 15 minute MPR exercise sessions were a good length of time, allowing me to exercise almost every day, in contrast to longer programs that fall by the wayside when time is lacking. They were an ideal afternoon pick-me-up that I was able to do in my office. The MPR Program fills the time with everything you should have: a combination of boosting your heart rate, resistance training, balance exercises and stretching. Michael's prompts were also extremely helpful to make sure I was using the right technique. He ‘caught’ me doing things the wrong way so often that I realize working with a professional trainer is critically important to gaining the most benefit. The program was also easily adaptable to my fitness level; I just moved up a band as I gained strength."

    Denise - 60-year-old female

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